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Calcium Carbonate WhiskerCAS: 471-34-1

  • FOB Price:
    2000 USD/Metric TonGet Latest Price
  • Port:
    Chinese main port
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 Kilogram
  • Supply Ability:
    5000  Metric Ton/Year
  • Payment Terms:
Quick Details
Synonyms: Ultrapaque;Marblewhite 325;MC 1 (carbonate);AFF 95;FMT 70;Tama Pearl TPK;carbonic acid calcium salt (1:1);BFK 200;Stanwhite 500;Enifant 15;Akadama;N 43 (carbonate);Mikhart 2;NN 200;Precpitated calcium carbonate (JP14);Albacar LO;Nitorex 90;Precpitated calcium carbonate;Hakuenka T-DD;Super 2000;Slite 1200;KK 12;SL 300;Limestone,uses;NCC 2310;Eskalon 2000;Supermite;Nitorex 23P;Pulpro 3;P-Lite 700;KS 1300;Calseeds P;TNC-C 120;Viscolite U;Purecal O;NCC-P;Socal;NS 2300;TP 222;PO 320B10;Softon 1500;TR 325;Calofil A 4;Supercoat;MSK-V;GS 3;TM 1 (filler);SL 700;Superfine heavy calcium carbonate;Blue Iron Oxide;calcium carbonate (Luminescent Grade);CALCIUM CARBONATED;Calcium Carbonate, Powder, Reagent;Stavigot 15A;Calcium carbonate, light, food;Calcium Carbonate, Anhydrous;Duramite;Snowdrop (Galanthus)Snowflake;Clarcal 9125;CPL 4106;Marblend;SST 40;Calopake F;LW 3000;Whiton;Brilliant 1500;Kredafil RM 55;BL 50 (antacid);Garolite SA;FL 2029;MC-S 5;Toyofine TF-X;Iikaru 100;Saxolith 2HE;Brilliant S 15;Purecal U;Dacote;Girulite 40;Whiscal;Milcarb;Super 1500;BF 200;T 130-2500;Albaglos;Hydrocurve K 9;Eskalon 1500;Microna S 93;Winnofil SP;C 50 (carbonate);NS 80 (carbonate);TNC-C 60;Hakuenka PZ;High Purity Calcium Carbonate CS;Inducarb 0000;C.I. Pigment White 18;NS 3000;Tama Pearl TP 262;Albafil;MD 2 (carbonate);Eskalon 600;N 2 (filler);Pficarbo S;ZG 301;Calofort S;Cal-light AS;MSK-PO;CaCO3;Vigot 10;KS 500;LW 600;Tama Pearl 222H;Microna S 90HB;Clefnon;OA-A 1102;Sturcal L;Nitorex 80;SM 14B;MC 5 (filler);TP 121SDP;Vicron;Albaglos SF;Kemipuron A;CPL 404;Cube 70AS;Tama Pearl TP 121;Super SSS;Pficarbo H;Softon H;Chemcarb;RX 2557;Polcarb;SX 1000;Softon 2600;K 250;Multiflex MM;Cal-light A 7;YS 34;NN 500;Kalfain 500;Tancal 200;Hakuenka R 06;Atomistic simulationAtomite;PS 100 (carbonate);Microna S 80B;Os-Cal;Carusis P;PV 4 (carbonate);MC-T;Super 2300;KS 1500;Winnofil SPT;Tama Pearl HGA;Calcite (Ca(CO3)),uses;MSK-P;Inducarb 500;KC 30A;Snowlite SS;KK 13;HC 90;Camel-Carb;CS-D;Atomite SSA 2114;Hakuenka DD;Tama Pearl FCC;Inteq B 641;NZ;Multiflex SC;RX 2559;Microna 7;Albacar;Homocal D;Hakuenka PX;Nanox 30;Softon 2200;Cal-sup;Lighton 22S;Super 5S;Shipron A;CCR;Microrn 200;NS 800;Opacarb S;Brilliant 15;Super 3S;Snowcal 60;AX 363;NA 600;Microcal spa C 100;FilmLink 600;ACE 25;Kredafil 150 Extra;G 100 (carbonate);GPR 325;Newlight LL;SL 2200;SS 30 (carbonate);SL 1000 (carbonate);BF 2000;MSK-C;Super SS;Neolite SP;Snowflake White;Calseeds PL;Eskalon 100M;M 300 (antiaggregant);Calcitex 902;Winnofil SPM;ACE 35;Super S (carbonate);Softon 1000;RL 06083;NCC 1010;Super-Pflex;P-Lite 500;WO 30F;Caltrate;Kansui 50;Calopake PC;Calpin Y;Setacarb HG;Kalfain 200M;BKS 5;Egri M 5;Lighton 200B10;Gama-Sperse 80; Classification: Carbonate
EINECS: 207-439-9 Molecular Formula: CaCO3
Melting Point: 825℃ Boiling Point: 333.6°C at 760mmHg
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with acids, fluorine, ammonium salts, alum. Water Solubility: Insoluble
Refractive index: 1.6583 Flash Point: 197℃
Purity: ≥95% Appearance: White powder
HazardClass: Brand Name: NP Whisker
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 12.5KG/Bag (Inner Plastic Back Plus Kraft Paper Bag Outside)
Delivery Detail: within 15 days after the contact is signed
Detailed Description

Data sheet:

Content: CaCO3


Diameter:0.5-1 μm

H2O :<1%


Length:10-40 μm

melting point:759°C



1.Reinforing the strength of the plastic and rubber materials

2.Wear resistance

3.Eco-friendly,lower cost

4.Superior mechanical properties
5.Reinforcing the wear resistance


Application Area:
The paper,fiction ,architectural coating and Plastics Industry.

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